Quality Assurance - Enmark Tool

Quality Assurance

Our inspection capabilities go hand in hand with our ability to machine to the most precise tolerances. Inside our on-site, 1,800 square-foot quality assurance lab, our experienced staff conducts thorough in-process and final inspections to insure the ultimate in precision.


Quality Assurance Equipment List

1 I LK Model G90C 48”x80”x40” DCC/CMM

2 I Brown & Sharpe Model 12.15.10 CMM

1 I Federal 136B-5 Master Ring/Disc Comparator

1 I Nikon Digimicro MFC-101 (Digital Mocrometer System) 0.000005 Resolution

2 I C.E. Johansson Mikrokators 0.000020 Resolution

1 I Alnor Digitherm Pyrometer

1 I Brown & Sharpe 20” Micro-Hite 0.00005 Resolution

1 I Sunnen GR-6121 Bore Gage

1 I Sunnen GR-9121 Bore Gage

1 I Sunnen GA-2061 Bore Gage

1 I Sunnen CF-1126 Setting Fixture

1 I Sunnen CF-502 Setting Fixture

1 I 30” J&L Optical Comparator ~2 Axis 0.00005 Readouts

1 I Set Mitutoya A Snap Gage 1-6”

1 I Brown & Sharpe 599-1025 Electronic Amplifier 0.000001 Resolution

12 I Brown & Sharpe Intra-Mics up to 7.000 w/setting rings

1 I Federal PMB-90101 Profilometer with Standard


When you need a tenth, call us first

Around a machine shop, a “tenth” is the lingo we use to mean one ten-thousandth of an inch.

Here’s how precise that is

The diameter of a hair is .003 inches. Split that into thirds to get .001 inch. Then, divide that into ten parts. Each part is a tenth. At Enmark, we build — and inspect — for tolerances of a tenth and tighter every day.