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Our new Springfield vertical grinder is just the latest addition to our already comprehensive list of grinding equipment, operated by experienced machinists for maximum precision.


View our video on the Springfield vertical grinder


View our video on the Springfield vertical grinder

Grinding Equipment List

1 I  Bourn & Koch Model 1500VBG CNC, Vertical Grinder, 65” Swing, 35” Under Spindle

1 I  Mattinson Surface Grinder 34” x 34” x 144” Table With Full Magnetic Chucks

1 I  Mattinson Surface Grinder 42” x 34” x 120” Table with Full Magnetic Chucks

1 I  Springfield #42 ER Universal Vertical Grinder, 54” Swing, 48” Under Spindle

1 I  Springfield Model 2 1⁄2 A-TR Universal Vertical Grinder, 42” Swing, 36” Under Spindle

1 I  Blanchard Grinder with Magnetic Chucks (Swing 77”)

2 I  Moore #3 Jig Grinders with 6” Riser, Power Feed on Tables and 2 Axis .000050 Sony Readouts 60”

2 I  273A Heald Universal Internal Ginders 20” Completely Automatic with Extended Base

3 I  Parker Majestic 2M 6” x 18” Surface Grinders with Power Columns and 2 Axis .000050 Sony Readouts 1 No. 2 Brown and Sharpe O.D. Grinder

1 I  Kellenberger 1000U O.D./I.D. Grinder

1 I  Myford Hydraulic High Precision O.D. Grinder

1 I  Bryant Precision Center Grinder

1 I  Sunnen Honing Machine with Power Stroking

1 I  Precision O.D. Lapping Machine

3 I  Moore Ultra Precision Rotary Tables

1 I  10” Precision Lapping Head with Numerous I.D. & O.D. Laps

Adding the new Springfield grinder makes Enmark one of the few places in the entire country that can handle our really large-scale projects.


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